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Educate about Option-Based Thinking

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  1. People think that “keeping their options open” is obvious and occurs naturally.
  2. People actively oppose options as “inefficient.”


  1. People understand the concept of optionality.
  2. People understand the convexity options deliver particularly in achieving complex goals.
  3. People understand the beliefs, values, and principles of the Antifragile Enterprise.
  1. The work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb including Fooled by Randomness, The Black Swan, Antifragile,  and Skin in the Game
  2. Flexion’s “Option-Based Thinking” workshops

Agile is a set of practices that only work when people have the right attitudes and beliefs. These attitudes and beliefs require more education to establish than is offered in most commercial training. The basis for the economics of Agile methods is rooted in options and optionality. Armed with this understanding, people are in a position to appreciate why agile methods work and can either apply them more effectively or invent new practices compatible with their organizational culture.