antifragile enterprise lexicon
  • a

  • activity
    the condition in which things are happening or being done
  • activity refactoring
    a refactoring of an activity that reduces an optionality constraint caused by the activity
  • b

  • boundary
    the seam between dependent activities
  • boundary refactoring
    a modification of a boundary that reduces an optionality constraint caused by the boundary's features
  • boundary smell
    an observable property or behavior that suggests an unhealthy optionality constraint across a boundary
  • o

  • O3 Thinking
    a specialized version of Toyota A3 Thinking that focuses on solving optionality problems
  • option-boundary
    a boundary where one side is a consumer, the other side is a supplier, and there is potentially a many-to-many correspondence between requests and fulfillment options
  • optionality
    the asymmetric payoff that results from efficiently creating, culling, and exercising options
  • p

  • postcondition
    a boolean condition that is met after a transformation is complete
  • precondition
    a boolean condition that is required or expected before a transformation
  • r

  • refactoring
    a named small and explicit transformation that specifies the preconditions and postcondition that the transformation satisfies
  • s

  • system
    a set of interdependent activities
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